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Ghost Machinery - Out For Blood [2010 / APE / 1411] [Power Metal]

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Теги power metal, 2010
Ghost Machinery - Out For Blood [2010 / APE / 1411] [Power Metal]

Артист: Ghost Machinery
Название: Out For Blood
Жанр: Power Metal
Год выхода: 2010
О музыке:

Ghost Machinery are a Power Metal band, it's melodic and symphonic yet heaviness and well varied. If even Pete Ahonen is one of the main minds behind Burning Point, GHOST MACHINERY differs in the music and vibe totally. The neo-classical elements are saw here clearly, but every song features a different atmosphere, it can to be a double-bass drum fast, a kind of epic mid-tempo, a heavy fantasy passage, and something traditional that lead us to the Malmsteens old age. The Pete's voice is pretty nice and of course, there is a lot of amazing solos guitars! Pete Ahonen, vocalist guitar-player of Burning Point, an artist from Limb Music, formed Ghost Machinery in 2002. He felt that he had to start a new band besides Burning Point because he had so much great music written. Pete didn't want to abandon the songs that dont suit to Burning Point so Ghost Machinery was the solution. Pete contacted Tapsa Pelkonen, the bass player of Wildcard, and Tapsa was willing to work with him. Tapsa asked Wildcard's drummer keyboardist Jussi Ontero to join the group and he did. So, in September 2003 they recorded a promo-CD with 5 tracks to show their music to some labels only. Lucky, Sound Riot was the first label chosen by them. In November 10, after short negotiations, they signed a record deal to 2 full-length albums with Sound Riot. Their debut album was recorded in a couple of different sessions at Tonebox Studios from December 2003 to March 2004 getting an amazing sound quality. "Haunting Remains" is a monumental work in all aspects. It has a top-notch performance with great songs, pleasantly well-executed vocals, excellent playing, technically demanding guitar solos, and lush production. The songwriting is powerful and it is consistent from the first note to the last. You can find some slower tracks, a ballad and everything else is fast. There isnt a bad, or even mediocre, track to be found on this album. Special mention must be given to "World of Unbelievers" and "Temples Of Gold" which are truly glorious and inspiring tracks. The Ahonen's compositional skills are also at their peak; the lyrics contribute the most to the overall feel of the music. This is an album which can to be destined to be as nothing less than a classic in the genre of Neo-classical Power Metal.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


1.Face Of Evil
2.Out For Blood
4.Blood From Stone
5.Name Remains In History
6.Fortune Teller
7.Lost In Time
8.Sentenced To Life (In Paradise)
9.Mask Of Madness
10.Eternal Damnation
11.Send Me An Angel (Blackfoot Cover)


Формат: APE
Битрэйт: 1411
Категория Музыка / Мультимедиа RSS лента
Добавлен (1 год, 3 месяца назад)
Просмотров 1 раз (a)
Взят 0 раз (a)
Файлы 18, 376.51 MB (394 804 311 байт)
Раздал ViKa  (Искать торренты)
Скачивают (качают): 0 (1), Завершено: 0 (0)

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